Let’s play some poker!

I haven’t play online poker since I started my new job over 4 years ago. Just didn’t have time or the motivation. I gotta say though it is fun to turn some hands every now and then.

When I got an email with free poker chips on one of the iPoker network sites I didn’t hesitate much to take it. It came with some free tournament entry tickets – which I’ve also used.

I bought it to 4 tournaments (ranging in value from 2 to 5 euro) and went ‘deep'(finished 6th) in the daily 500euro guaranteed.


Unfortunately a suck-out by probably the weakest player in the table didn’t give me the result I was hoping for.

Action went: (I’m UTG+1, villian is BB):

All in preflop.
BB called for 95% of his chips with Q4s…
I was 67% pre flop favorite to win.
Flop brings me a middle set and he gets top pair + flush draw. Now if we were pushing chips here, I couldn’t blame him – although I was still 70% favorite to win!
On the next street that went up to 85% when board paired and I turned FH. He was left with 4 outs…
And hit one of it for better Full House.

I’ve played pretty well, (except maybe  for 1 spot just after the bubble burst, where I let a guy call me with 3rd pair). I should really be more aggressive and not let him see the river for free.

This way or another, I might deposit some money, to get extra ‘bonuses’  (you get free tournament entries for first deposit over 10euro) and see where it takes me.

I know for sure I won’t be playing the volumes or stakes I used to, this is more or weekend fun type of thing.

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