Same thing different year?

Not really. The fact that Derek isn’t with us in the Rockies this year changes a lot. for starters we won’t have 2 pairs of climbers.

Anyhow. We arrived to Calgary quite on schedule (via Heathrow). I must say that this is much better connection than Toronto (although flight is over 9h long). 

The Dreamliner is a very modern and pleasent aircraft to be in, so the time flew by.

On top of that PG and I turned  Derek’s empty seat into entertainment centre and off we went. 

Upon arrival we picked up the car. It was meant to be bigger than last year’s RAV4 but im not so sure (Its some sort of GMC).

Before heading to Canmore we visited Calgary’s biggest outdoor store in search for some last bits and pieces.

Somehow they didnt have anything we wanted (tiblocks, petzl screws, maps of The Front Ranges). Although PG managed to pick up nice new Pataguvci soft-shell.

The drive to Canmore (again staying in Beat hostel, although our old friend Grant soesnr work here anymore)just 75mins so we were there before 8pm. Now we are all after dinner and packed for tomorrows first adventure. 

As I writr these words its been 24h sincr i got up so time to bed!

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