Mind the gap! Day 2

I’m not going to go into turn by turn detail of out todays route as its almost imossible. There was a lot of twiesties and tournies. I’ll just say that we stretched the 44 km direct route from Cacherdaniel to Dingle into a 390 km mega marathon via places like:

Ring of Kerry

Lady’s view
Gap of dunloe
Slea head drive (above and below)

We missed a lot of photo opportunities/stops but if were to stop at all of them it would take us 16h to get to Dingle.

One thing i got to say though – no matter how good or bad  the weather is this entire area is just amazing. If you ever decide to come here remember to leave your accomodation early as there is nothing worst than being stuck behind a lime of cars. We were lucky enough that there weren’t to many cars out today.  Definitely a win.

Distance travelled today: 390km

Total distance travelled so far 1170km

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