Picos de Europa days 0&1

We arrived to our hotel just outside of Santander, Spain around 10.30pm. Nothing to note other than the fact that it turned out that somehow I left one of my trousers and shorts in the rooom (there were in bag that must have fallen out of my luggage while in the room). Oh well. I’ll pick it up on the return.

First I have to say that Asturias look nothing like Spain. It’s more like Ireland, all green but with permanent good weather .

For first days route we picked 320m V+ (around VS 4c in our money), 7pitch classic, Elixir para calvos to the north summit of Fresnidiello.

On above photo the route goes right of the roof seen 1/4th high up it.

As the book says, the first two pitches are somewhat difficult, rest is rather cruise mode.

All of it tho is rather run out (as fory taste). All pitchea were on avg 40m and u wouldn’t fine more than 5-6 protection points(1-2 bolts, redt trad). All belays bolted.

The approach was also rather steep. 45mins and some 400m elevation gain in full sun.

Peter started P1 and in 4hours we were on the summit.

There wad another couple of climbers in front of us. Very nice Spaniards Marta and Carlos. We met with them later in the village we are staying (Arenas) for quick exchange of plans and ideas for future climbing projects.

As for climbing itself the whole idea of easy but run out routes is somewhat new to me. I like to have an option to protect myclimbs, which is not something people seem to be bothered about here.

7-9m runout seems a norm. I guess it’s something I’ll have to learn.

It’s meant to rain tomorrow so I’m not sure what the plan will be. We shall see…

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