2018 – Jordan – Part 2 – Petra

After getting to Wadi Musa the gateway city to ancient site of Petra, we had to make a decision on how we’ll spend time we have there. The Jordan Pass we purchased before arriving to Jordan gave us 2 days for sightseeing.

The site itself is huge – at first I didn’t realise its just a massive place with many different buildings carved into the walls.

Treasury from ground level

Our itinerary, in short was following Route1 all the way to The Monastery (visiting all the major points, incl Treasury, then its vantage point, some lesser important temples and the amphitheater) the return path from the Monastery was via a route that lead through High Place of sacrifice, a mountainous trail that has easy scramble to get you down to the Treasury.

Treasury from the vantage point. Worth the hike!

I won’t be getting into details of what’s what – as this can be easily found on wiki, but i’ll give those few tips:

  1. Stay in Wadi Musa and start your sightseeing at 6.15 when Petra opens.
  2. If you are outdoorsy person, you can do the whole thing in 1 day – it took us 11h of walking around around 20km (all the trails combined is around 40km) – but it was a lot. Not a problem for us though
  3. If you are not hardcore hiker, get yourself 2 days – albeit do to the layout of the park you’ll be walking some of the trails twice (mainly since its 1mile between the entrance gate to the Treasure-  the first major feature).
  4. Guides are not required to move around, but they are present everywhere and will try to lure you in to avail their services. To be honest it was very good experience for us to explore on our own (make sure to grab a map at the entrance).
  5. Bring plenty of water, but don’t stress out if you run out –  I brought 3l with me and finished it after 4h) – local people sell water, often ice cold – it’s expensive – 2JD per 1.5l, but that’s the way it is (to compare 6×1.5 in a shop in the city costs 1.5JD).
  6. Have your own food – it’s extremely overpriced, and only available in 1 spot.
  7. All the ‘best view in the world’ viewing spots are free, BUT you are expected to buy a drink/tip the bedouin that mans the post.
  8. Enjoy yourself – it’s easy to just forget that you are there for fun. Don’t stress out if you get lost – the place is so busy that someone will show you the way!
Long way to the Monastery.


Either way, the 2 nights at Wadi Musa went fast, and we promptly moved on to Wadi Rum – a desert which meant to be our main climbing destination.

Trail from the High Place of Sacrifice

More about Wadi Rum in the next blog… (As i type these words we actually already completed the Wadi Rum leg of our journey, but the net is slow, so pictures are still uploading – and I’m not writing blog with no pictures!)

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