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  • From Wicklow with love.

    From Wicklow with love.

    When last night I suggested on our WhatsApp group a field trip to Glendalough it was just a loose idea that I hopped for to spark some interest. To my great joy Sonja responded first and within couple of minutes we were setup to meet around 8.30am outside my place. Derek said he will make an…

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  • Tour the Wicklow

    What’s better than going on a motorbike around your local area? Getting your friends to come along on their bikes as well! Thanks Louis, Darren, Dave, Mat & Ewa for a great Saturday morning!   As usual, click the photo below for the link to the album.  

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  • Bell Rock, co. Wicklow

    Bell Rock, co. Wicklow

    Jirka is a type of a person that doesn’t like to sit idle. There is always something going on, and it tends to be unique. During last week’s trip to The Burren we were already discussing what to do following weekend. He told me about this mythical, unique place in co. Wicklow – Bell Rock.…

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