Las Vegas, Grand Canyon and more.

Your first hours in Las Vegas are like entering another world, where the religion is luck, the language is money  and the time is measured by revolutions of the roulette wheel. And even though because we stayed off the Strip I didn’t really fill the full magic of it yet it was still pretty amazing place!

We made it there last Friday. Our team of Monika, my sister Magda, her husband Piotr and their friend Marzena.

Some photos and short descriptions below:

Day 1&2 – Las Vegas – didn’t really go to any casinos at this point (we’ll be back at the end of next week for it ;)- just visited New York New York and rode their roller coaster and checked out the Luxor.

Day3 – Zion National Park – totally unplanned – with a day to spare and just 2.5 drive seemed like a nice place to visit – and it was.

Day 4 – Hover Dam and Grand Canyon – disappointed… 5h drive – just to find out that our previously booked helicopter tour got cancelled due to bad weather. and it was really bad. rain, thunderstorms and all of that…

Day 5 – Death Valley –  after leaving Las Vegas we headed towards San Fransisco – stopping in Mammoth Lake for 2 nights. Visited Death Valley National Park – absolutely amazing place. Over 40C outside, sand dunes, stones, mountains, and flats. Dried river and lake. can’t really describe it…

Today we’ll be visiting the surroundings of Mammoth Lake – tomorrow going to Yosemite National Park and then through the mountains to San Fransisco.

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