… is a shit hole. Nothing to do there until you are with a local who knows where to go and what to do.

I’m happy we stayed there for 2 days only.  We’ve visited Universal Studios (which was pretty good and can recommend it). Also made it to the Automobile Museum (great collection of some awesome cars), and as probably everyone – climb it to the Hollywood sign – nothing special tbh, but since there was nothing to do…

anyway – photos are here:

Day 11 – 20110919 – LA Universal Studios

Day 12 – 20110920 – LA Car Museum & Hollywood

Anyway, we are all back in Dublin now. Holidays are over and I wish we could have stayed there for one more week to actually rest and relax… Oh well.

Anyway – I still have few more photos from Vegas (to which we returned from LA) – I’ll upload these later. There are some good ones from skydiving (video is below) – Also we’ve taken that helicopter tour to Grand Canyon (west rim this time) that we had to cancelled 2 weeks ago. West rim isn’t as impressive as the south one, but the helicopter compensated. ;]

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