Canada – Day3 – Grotto Canyon Falls – WI3

Easy ground. Short drive, short walking. Good WI3 2 pitch climbing – I led both, boys followed, and then free solo’ed.


From Canada2016-Day03-GrottoCanyon


Place is set in amazing canyon – you walk up frozen river for around 2km.

While it’s relatively safe, and a popular destination for tourists and climbers alike even easy walks can have bad consequences if one slips and falls:

As we were finishing up the climb we met a woman with 2 kids. They decided to check out the base of the fall we just climbed, and on a way up there (very easy ground) the woman slipped (she was wearing spikes) and slid down on her ass, breaking her thumb in the process. It was badly dislocated, and they quickly walked back to their car to drive to the hospital. I hope she’s ok.


His and Hers (other 2 falls in the area) weren’t climbable – very think and dangerous.




Approach hike and elevation gain as recorded by Strava here:

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