Everybody knows…

…that there isn’t too many sun days in Dublin in April, so when they do come (more often than not in the middle of the week), one wants to go out and spend that time outdoors.

Dalkey is the most obvious choice, and to fully enjoy the sun – we usually go to the Street Fighter Area. That’s exactly what Monika, Andrew and I did today.

The plan was simple – stay in the sun as long as possible.

We started with Street Fighter, VS 4c. It kind of feels nice when I can warm up on stuff that 2 years ago was beyond my leading ability.

From climbing random

To maintain the sunny exposure I’ve set up a top-rope one Erewhon, E2, 5c. This 10m route is excellent. I love it. It’s a pity it’s so poorly protected – you can maybe put 1 tricam into borehole mid way through and even that probably will not hold, hence leading it is rather not something I’d be ever doing.

From climbing random

We gave it couple of goes. I found it enjoyable, mainly due to the co-op approach we’ve taken to figure out all the moves. We’ve eventually got all them discovered, however some will have to come back to actually connect them in one go.

From climbing random

After that there was still good 45 mins left on the clock, so we quickly moved up to the Eliminates wall and I led again the UP SLIDE DOWN, VS 4c. I feel though I kind of cheated, by taking Eliminate B Dash line on the unprotected bottom part…

Monika & Andrew quickly run it up  with no issues. Looks like it’s a lead time next time!

From climbing random

The weather was absolutely amazing and we were all very happy spending this evening outdoors!

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