It happens that beginning of September marks my birthday.

As a kid I wasn’t particularly looking forward to that day as it coincided with end of the summer and start of school. Obviously two most terrible things for most boys.

Now when I’m older and shifted my interest to more outdoorsy activities (from being a total nerd through my 20s),  summer’s end still kind of bothers me. ‘Luckily’ Irish weather is so unpredictable that even during the summer there might be no summer. The best receipt for good weather is… to just go out anyway. Or fly to southern Europe, which we actually will do next month (for climbing, obviously).

This years summer was busy (especially 2nd part of it). I didn’t even notice when September rolled on. I went on tons of adventures with Jirka, we spent an amazing week in Iceland and had our apartment ‘renovated’  for 3 weeks. So it was only last Friday we actually moved  back in home.

It was to my great surprise when on Saturday, out of nowhere some of my friends showed up  with this amazing cake (and some other gifts):

Combining my weakness to chocolate and climbing obsession was definitely a good idea! Thank you all, you know who you are 🙂

The cake was huge, so I brought half of it to the office today. It only took few minutes for my work ‘friends’ to show their true feelings towards me;)

Anyway, the cake was great success and everyone had a good time dismembering the sugar climbers body :).

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