Zingaro National Park and going back home

For our last day on the island we decided to explore it a bit. It was still very hot do it seemed like a good option to go and check out local National Park.

Zingaro Park is actualy the first one established in Sicily? setup over 30 years ago. It lies 50min drive from San vito, although  it’s  only 15 km in straight line.

We went to the south entrance where you pay 5euro entry fee, get a map and off you go. parking is free.

You can make the hike as short or as long as u wish. It’saround 8km from south to north, makeing it some 16km loop.

We opted for a 10km roud trip. Going by the see and visiting various bathing spots. We actually stopped at the last one – Cala del’uzzo.

Make sure u take plenty of water with u as there arent any refiiling stations on the way.

Upon returning home we went for a dinner at El sombrero pizzeria. Definetly rrecommeding that spot.

From there it  was just a short walk to the square where finals of the boulderimg comp was taking place. Some serious moves on very steep wall.

Sonja and Rob were climbing all say so we didnt get to see them really.

We were going back home following morning so we all got breakfast together and moved on.

We drove towards the airport (makre sure u refill the rental car in some village  nearby, there  arent any filling stations near the airport ), while our friends moved to a different accommodation.

Sonja will actually write a guest entry soon describing their adventures (including some amazing  6c climbs they did.)

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