We are back home now.

We are all back home now. I’m still jet lagged, hopefully it will be gone soon.

The journey back was rather uneventful (other than terrible security experience there – cause fck you, 300  travelers who just traveled for 10h+ – queue here for 1h+ long queue to these 2 out of 10 security points we have opened for you…).

The drive from Canmore to Calgary is rather easy (just over 1 hour). We traditionally made a pit stop by MEC for some more gear shenanigans. (Del had to return his alpine gloves he purchased there – unfortunately they ripped on first use). – must have been unlucky, as I got same pair- and they worked great for me.

We took a quick walk to the ‘city’, searching for some food joint. Found what looked like a pub (was actually very nice inside), got something to eat and drove back to the airport.

Some trip statistics:
Over the 2 weeks in Canmore we:

1. we drove over 2400km in our fantastic RAV4 (medium size SUV, like this one is minimum what you need to have to access some of the routes – it still wouldn’t take us to the North Ghost – think about it if you are serious about accessing some of the more remote areas).
2. climbed 11 waterfalls (at 10 locations):

Polar Circus (just P&D)
Haffner Creek ( 2 climbs)
Super Bock
Proffessor Falls
Carlsberg Column
Guinness Gully
Weathering Heights
Lake Louise Falls
Grotto Canyon Falls

For total of around 35 pitches and 1600m of climbing (more less).

There is so much more to climb in the area (especially if you have proper 4×4 truck for the North Ghost access), as well as some world class climbing further up north (around Icefield Parkway), that it definitely warrants thinking about coming back next year.

We’ll see about that 😉

Special thanks go to Grant and all the staff of the Bear Hostel, Canmore who were very accommodating during our stay. Definitely a good and affordable place to stay in during your conquers of Alberta!

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