Good Firday Dalkey Quarry season opening

Kind of… (since Monika and the girls opened the season on Paddy’s Day), however for me that was the first time this year.

It was only us and Magda with  her baby.

We showed up a bit early and I lead, one move wonder Hiatus (HS, 4b).
Monika quickly followed, with Magda arriving shortly after to warm up on it.

The girls didn’t fancy any more leading, and we’ve decided to top rope some harder routes.

I’ve promptly setup another warm-up TR on Stereo Tentacles (HVS, 5a when leading), and then we just moved left towards, the Ghost Slab and top-roped Masochist (E3, 6a).

I’ve TR The Ghost (E2, 5b when leading), with the girls choosing the Poltergeist (E4, 5C when leading) line.

I’ve lead The Ghost last year (picture below), but I guess that was the first and last time I did it. It’s pleasant, not technically difficult, just so exposed, and not protected from half way up, that I don’t think it’s worth the risk of breaking ankles.

It was a good day, surprisingly sunny and luckily rain free.

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