Day 3. At the glacier and going further east.

Woke up early in the morning. Earlier than we planned. Loud Spanish speaking folk in the tent next to ours made sure nobody overslept…

I can’t stress enough how awesome the sight of 62m waterfall is. The power that comes with it is just breathtaking.

[wpvideo 2a8Y8ws7]

We were very fast to cook breakfast pack up and move on to explore the area. There is a neat path on the east side of the fall. Easy steps lead to the top of the waterfall, and the entire trails is long enough for a 2 day trek (for those who have time to explore deeper). 

We only spent an hour or so and moved on eastward towards the glacier. There is no way I could pronounce or spell it’s name,  so here is a handy name plate with some details of this amazing place.

The road leading to the parking is all nice and paved. The hiking path itself goes for some 700 or so meters. 

Obviously we don’t have our own  gear to continue on, but there are tour operators (even on site) that’d be more than happy to lead you deeper into ice. It’s rather expensive (13k isk/ 100euro per person for 3h walk) but I see the appeal for people who never experienced ice adventure.

Right now we are still the base of the glacier enjoying coffee, the views and free wifi. 

Moving on now…

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