Day 3 continued. Crashed plane, green canyon, old farmhouse and another glacier.

First of all thanks  to all my followers for actually reading these words. It’s the only thing that motivates me to keep going with the updates. 

After we were ‘done’ with the glacier (in reality one is simply not “done” with these magnificent wonders of nature ;)) we  frove few km east on route 1 in search for old  crashed abandoned plane resting on the black beach. The place is not difficult to find. Just drive for few km and park by the side of the road where other 40 cars stop… 

the place is absolutely overrun  you tourists. now u can’t just drive to the beach (it’s on private land really) but the 4km walk doesn’t scare anyone away (at least not when it’s  not raining).

It’s a nice and easy stroll in straight-line.  Can’t really get lost.

you are rewarded with a sight of an US navy plane wreck that run out of fuel and land crashed there in 1973. Apparently the crew survived… 

It’s impossible to take a photo without tourists in the frame… oh well. It’s the price of modern sight seeing. People everywhere.

Our next stop was the Green Canyon some 70 km further east. It’s a bit off the main road (2km) and having invested in 4wd finally pays off as the road is just a narrow gravel path. 

The canyon starts pretty much by the car park and the walk is short but totally worth it, even in rain. 

The path is well secured with some clear view points along the way.

Next stop was supposed to be the camp site for the night some further 70km east. It was difficult not to stop along the way though for some random wow moments.

One of these random places definitely worth mentioning was an old farm we stopped by and actually explored.

The complex is situated of the main road at the Base of some nice rocks and a waterfall. it consists of some older turf houses, including what looks like a chapel, some sheds and more modern (but still pretty old main building). The picture in the window presents 2 of the last farmers who lived there (looks like 2 brothers, the older  passed away in 2010). 

While most of the buildings weren’t locked  we respected privacy of this private land and didn’t open any doors – I looked inside through the cracks (between the door and the roof) into one of these sheds and it looks like it had a secret treasure:

I wonder what  kind of machine is that but by the look of the sticker it is at least 30 years old. I’ll definitely will do some research on the history of this place on our return home.

Our final destination for the day was getting closer, but the weather totally broke. We were driving through barren vcanic like landscape and if it was not for the GPS I’d think we are on the moon…

The single lane bridges added to intensity of the journey. Normally you are supposed to see the other side before embarking on one, but in these poor conditions it want always the case.

So there we were. it was  early 8pm and we pulled over at the Skaftafell campsite by the Base of the biggest Icelandic glacier with another unpronounceable name.  

I’m pretty tired now and ready to go to bed. Tomorrow we’ll go for a quick area exploration and will push through another couple hundred km.

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