Bunker vol2 – fighting the heat. Day 4.

It was an easy call to return to the bunker sector today. Endless climbing in great setting. The bigger problem though was the heat. It was super hot today.  Much hotter than the previous days.

We started at SW facing part of yhe sector, left from Sonja and Rob where climbing yesterday.

I’ve onsighted warmup (with Monima TR after me).

  • Colazione piu 5b 26m. Exceptional  route with unbelievable holds. It’s overhaning for most part but the great holds makes it great. 

In the mean time Sonja and Rob started opening routes to our right so I flashed them as well (with Monika going on Tr after me).

  • Classic deluxe 6a+ 28m -said to be one of the best in this grade in San vito
  • New years greetings 6a 27m
  • Silvester 6a 26m

Above Rob on New years greetings (6a). 

By the time we were done in that sector the heat was unbearable and we had to take a break.

Above Monika giving me her signature belay in full sun.

We moved right searching for a shade. By the time we joined Sonja and Rob they were already on their newly found project on the Bunler topo4 sector. 

SW facing and in full sun 6c+ lead, what a way to go! It turned out that they missread the topo and thought theye were on 6b+ climb.

Below Rob just before falling off:

  • Dall’alba… direct 6c+ 27m.

It took a lot of work and sweat but they fonally did it (it must have take  some 3h)

As they were frying their backs in the heat we moved right in search for some shadded climbs. We settled on Castello – really nice positioned (SSE) wall further right (towards the exit to the cars).

Even though we really wanted to keep up with the schsdule of 7 climbs a day, 3rd day in a row, heat and limestone really tool its toll.

I onsighted what is one of the best lines on that wall (directly left to the cave entrance):

  • Colpo di  vento 5c 17m. Book description says “Which climbing god made holds here”? Really hard not to agree with that statement.

Tomorrow a well deserved day off. But not really though. Monika and I will go scuba, so definitely more hard work.

Sonja and Rob are planning on exploring local area a bit more.

For now though, Sláinte!


Also tommorow the annual San vito climbing festival starts, with events (bouldring comp, slacklining showcase, movies screennings) planned until Sunday. We might also check it out.

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