Some HVS fun.

We weren’t even planning on climbing on Sunday (having spent most of Saturday in the quarry), but it happened that the weather was still nice, so we went to see what’s going on.

We run into PG, Sonja and Diarmuid, and it was all thanks to him, who send me on the path of Dalkey mega-classics.

This involved my very first ascents of  Exertion*** HVS 5a and  Thrust*** HVS 5a. 

Diarmuid finishing Thrust
From climbing random

These 2 are definitely in the category of must climbs in Dalkey and I’ll add them my regular go to routes.

Walking off from the Upper Cliffs
From climbing random

Once we were done with the Upper Cliffs (Thrust), we walked back to the Base Camp, to meet rest of the crew enjoying the sunshine.

Nina & Josh
From climbing random

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