Thunder climbs. Sicily day 1.

Long day today. The time has come for our annual sport climbing trip.

We got upround 4am to catch 7.20 flight to Palermo. This year the team are Rob T., Sonja F., Monika and I.

 Destination San Vito lo Capo. It all went smooth until we landed…

The car rental office for the car company we took the car with (Firefly, subsidary of Hertz) is actualy a shuttle bus ride away from the terminal. Then it turned out that their system is down so every customer had to be processed manually. 30 mins per customer… and there were 3 in front of us. The hopes of getting some climbs to days were dimishing.

Sonja and Rob have their own car (as they stay 10 days vs our 7). Their pickup went just fine. 

The car itself was beaten up pretty badly already.  Bud is actually a good thing. Less of a chance for us to get blamed for any new damages. Pretty much every panel is already marked in the paperwork.

The drive from the airport to our destination is around 1.5h. There weee some confusions on the location of the house (seems like airbnb system issue) but we eventually got to the address and met the owner.

Its pretty spacious 2 bed house with nice terrace 5 min walk from the town centre.

By the time we eaten lunch and got unpacked it was almost 5pm but we still decided to check out one of the close by crags – Valanga. The guidebook says its a bit out of beaten track. it has routs in 5a to 6c range.

It looks absolutely amazing and i can just imagine what the best ones look like. We only managed to get done 1  route each.

  • Sonja and Rob did 5c+ 15m called  Senza Scuola 
  • monika and i did 5a 21mcalled Primavera 

We had to really hurry these Climbs as there was a storm comming. By the time i was half way up the sky was already lit on fire every 30s by massive lighting bolts.

One thing definetly to notice that the bolting job done is amazing (and it seems its the same on all crags). Then spacing is reasonable (very often every 2m) in good places that allow safe climbs.

Anyway we r back home now after cooking some nice pasta dinner for 4. 

Serious game starts tomorrow!

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