Cala Mancina – White Wall. Day 2.

To be honest yesterday was so travel oriented that I just should call it day 0. The real climbing started today. I fotgot already how much fun limestone is. It just eats up skin on your hands.

For the  trip’s warmup number 2 we visited the first sector (north facing so in nice shadow) of a very long crag called Cala Mancina – the White Wall. On the photo below, that shows most of the crag  it’s the sector to the very left. 

Monika paired with me while Rob and Sonja got on together.

 We started with some easy short pitches located to the very left of the sector. I on sighted all with Monika flashing after me:

  1. La caduta degli dei 5a 12m
  2. Salto nel buio 5a 12m
  3. Felice 6a 12m

They all had common abseil point and bar few first moves on the last one were all very easy.

After that we moved right where the game was.

Again I onsighted all (but the last climb) with Monika flashing or red pointing after.

  1. Topi sftattati 6a 23m – a bit sharp but still ok
  2. Liquirizo e mentine 6a+ 23m
  3. Oltre manica 6a+ 23m – good line along some cracks
  4. Slay back 6b 20m TR – definetly the best of all. I wish inlead it, but i started to rain so we were in rush to clean it and fold.

Above Sonja on Slay back, 6b.

I think I’m stronger than I thought I was, or maybe the grades are just more realistic. 

Sonja and rob did pretty much whatbwe have (without the easy warmup section), but they also added 2 or 3 6b routes.

This definetly was a good primer before we set of for future adventures.  I know that if I compose myself 6c isn’t out of the question.

But then its all about having fun and today we all had plenty!

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